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El Sur…El Norte…Lima…Los Estados Unidos…Lima…

January 17th, 2010 pmmcgo11

Well, I am finally back in Lima after almost four weeks of traveling. Since December 23 I was south of Lima with a friend from the University, Rey, and his family for the holidays until January 8 when we arrived back in Lima and two hours later boarded another bus north to Mancorá, Tumbes, an Piura; three well-know cities in the North of Perú.

First, Chincha. I had a great time with my friend, his family, his cousin, and his grandparents for Christmas. It was the first Christmas I have spent away from home, but I am really glad I took advantage of the opportunity and stayed in Peru for the holidays this year. For Christmas it is typical to eat turkey and they always have dinner at midnight, and then open presents. I know at least in my family, the presents and family parties were always during Christmas Day. Several days later, for New Years, we had another family dinner and stayed in the house with the family until midnight to celebrate with pisco (a alcohol that is popular here) before going out to a local club were we “celebrated” the New Year. It was a great night…it began around 7pm December 31 and ended around 8:30am January 1 and I have some great pictures, hahahaa.

During my time in Chincha I also spend a lot of time at the beach, enjoying the nice sunny weather in Peru, played basketball at the local sports complex, visited El Carmen a district in Chincha that is historically all black and has a very interesting and unique history.

Two memorable experiences while in Chincha was the birthday celebration of Rey’s (my friend) grandmother, la mamá, and a mass we went to in El Carmen where Rey’s cousin, Guillermo played el cajón, a typical Peruvian percussion instrument. For the birthday party of la mamá we all sang happy birthday at midnight and Rey’s cousins who play guitar and cajón played along and then we enjoyed aguadito a typical Peruvian soup.
Then, after my two weeks in Chincha, I then went up north to enjoy the famous beaches of Peru in Moncorá, Los Manglares in Tumbes, and the city of Piura. It was a great vacation and I was able to spend a lot of time at the beach…and the beach for me is one of the best vacation spots.

Now I have a couple days to get settled back into Lima and January 19 I am flying to Boston to visit my family, grandparents, and friends for two weeks. I am very excited about seeing my family and friends although I am also happy to say I will miss Peru while I am gone. With my great friends and family here in Peru I have never found myself really home sick saying “I need to go home”.

I’m on my way out now…I have some more last minute shopping to do. I was to get a couple more small gifts for my parents and sisters!


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