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Back in LIMA!

February 9th, 2010 pmmcgo11

I just got back to Lima last night after a three week visit back home to Boston. I arrived with all of my luggage and when I “pushed the button” I got a green! Haha. (That means that customs does not rip apart everything I brought with me).

Since we are in the middle of summer down here in Lima, Boston was extra cold since I am not use to the cold weather.

My family at my going away party

Luckily it didn’t snow much…just once…which was perfect. I just wanted to see the snow while I was home.

When I got home my family and I had a “mini-Christmas” since I wasn’t home for the actual holiday. The rest of the time I spent around my house, with my family, visiting my grandparents who live nearby, and spending time with friends from home as well as visiting Holy Cross a few times. It was great spending some time at home with my family. And just like in July when I left, my parents had another going-away party so I was able to see a bunch of my family. This time for the going away party I made Pisco Sours, a typical Peruvian drink, to share with my family. It wasn’t the best Pisco sour I have had in my life, but I think they came out okay.

Here in one of the pictures I am with my mom’s half of the family: my grandparents, my cousins, my sisters, and myself. This was during my going away party, which was complete with a cake that said “See you in July” in Spanish!

Pisco Sour!

During my trip I also made it into the city twice! I absolutely love Boston and was glad that I was able to spend two days, one downtown and one a Northeastern University, walking around the city and taking some pictures to show my Peruvian friends and family.

Today, I am going to be spending sometime visiting friends, and tonight I am going to see Avatar 3-D (the movie) in a new theater in Lima! I also hoping to meet up with the three new Holy Cross students that have come to Peru for the semester; I am looking forward to a many more great experiences this semester.

“I’m wicked excited to be back in Lima!”



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