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Semana Santa: Barranca and Chincha

April 4th, 2010 pmmcgo11

Sorry I haven’t written in so long! I have been crazy busy with classes, I had to fly back to the USA for a week, and this past weekend I was traveling in Peru…but I am finally back in my house in Lima…

Classes started about three weeks ago. This semester I am taking five classes and they all seem like great classes. For my political science classes both of my professors are pretty well-know/famous in Peru so the classes have been really interesting so far; they are both very intelligent. I am taking two political science courses, one science engineering course, a class about Latin American poetry, and the required Holy Cross Castellano course.

This past weekend (since Thursday) for Semana Santa I went on a road trip with three friends: Daniel, Juan Pablo, Leandro to Barranca, about three hours north of Lima. There we met up with another friend, Jorge and he showed us around his city. The beaches were beautiful and Friday we went to Caral, which are the ruins of the oldest city in the Americas—around 2500BC. The only “disappointment” of the trip was when we went to eat Tacu-Tacu (rice mixed with beans and sometimes also has a meat or chicken)…supposedly the best in Peru…and they ran out; they waitress took our order and then told us ten minutes later that there was no food left. I got back to Lima on Saturday and after spending a couple hours working on my essay I headed to Chincha, south of Lima. Last night, with Rey and Claudia, I went to a traditional Yunza en El Carmen and then to Esporia, the big discoteca in Chincha. It was a great/long night, but it’s nice to finally be back in Lima.

Now I have an essay to write for class tomorrow morning…but I will be sure to right again soon!

¡Feliz Pascua! / Happy Easter!

As soon as I get the pictures from my trip up I will be sure to upload a few!


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  1. Jorge says:

    hola Peter, jaja recien leo tu blog, está bien paja, me gustan tus crónicas…
    nos vemos el 17, un abrazo.

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