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My Fe y Alegria weekly visit…

June 15th, 2010 pmmcgo11

Just a quick note today…I was at Fe y Alegría today, not working with my group, but a group from the USA that’s building a house in the community surrounding the school. It was a really nice day. The family they were building the house for regularly goes to Mass in the local church and were selected because we know they will keep the house in good shape.

On another note, here is a picture that I took last week at the school; it’s the most recent group shot I have of my group. Two weeks from this coming Saturday we have a trip planned to Lima. Although these kids technically live in Lima most of them have never actually been into the city or have seen all of the famous churches, museums, etc. So I am going to have them at my house for lunch and then plan a day of sightseeing. They are all really excited, I hope they enjoy the day…I’ll upload pictures as soon as I have them!


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